Alpha-Pharma has a commitment to mankind, a commitment of improving the quality of life for each and every individual through which Alpha-Pharma constantly strives to innovate, improve and increase the availability of cost-efficient generic medicines to the global market.

Alpha-Pharma believes that medicine should be available to all people regardless of their location, and affordable for them at any income level such that the cost of medical treatment should not be a concern for any part of the population. 

Through the commitment Alpha-Pharma has chosen to focus resources on generic medicines in which field aim to increase the availability of the quality medicines and increase global awareness of the vast financial savings offered to society by making generic medicines available to the general population.

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Alphabol, Alpha-Pharma 50 tabs [10mg/1tab]

$25.00 Ex Tax: $25.00


Original name of alphabol is dianabol. It is a derivative of testosterone that are very similar in structure composition. It has very strong anabolic and androgenic properties. Dianabol is advised ..

Alphabolin, Alpha-Pharma 10 ML [100mg/1ml]

$142.00 Ex Tax: $142.00


Alphabolin is used usually during cutting cycles, when a mass increase is not the main purpose. Bodybuilders are using this drug to enhance solid muscle mass because it has slight fat reducing capa..

Anazole, Alpha-Pharma 30 tabs [1mg/1tab]

$59.00 Ex Tax: $59.00


Anazole is an oral aromatase inhibitor and is a powerful anti-estrogen medicine, that was originally created to treat breast cancer. Active substance Anastrozole performs by actively blocking the a..

Boldebolin, Alpha-Pharma 10 ML [250mg/1ml]

$82.00 Ex Tax: $82.00


Boldebolin is known as a derivative of testosterone that has a strong anabolic and androgenic effects and being a mainstream anabolic. It could be stacked with almost all steroids. As all other ste..

Induject-250, Alpha-Pharma 10 ML [250mg/1ml]

$70.00 Ex Tax: $70.00


Induject-250 is famous because it was one of the first anabolic steroid where were a mix of 4 different testosterone esters. This preparation contains: testosterone propionate, testosterone isocapr..

Letromina, Alpha-Pharma 30 tabs [2.5mg/1tab]

$78.00 Ex Tax: $78.00


Letrozole is an anti-estrogen of the Aromatase Inhibitor family and is one of the most potent and powerfully effective of all Aromatase Inhibitor’s. Letrozole is one of the most commonly used anti-est..

Mastebolin, Alpha-Pharma 10 ML [100mg/1ml]

$120.00 Ex Tax: $120.00


Drostanolone propionate (known as well as Masteron) is an anabolic and androgenic steroid. Usually athletes are using Masteron that have to remain in the same weight class. In bodybuilding is famou..

Nandrolone Decanoate is one of the most popular anabolic steroid ever created, being famous among all types of athletes and still remain the only one, that is highly valued in many therapeutic field..

Promifen, Alpha-Pharma 50 tabs [50mg/1tab]

$66.00 Ex Tax: $66.00


Clomiphene citrate is one of the two principal SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators), that is used for enhanced recovery of testosterone production, after using a steroid cycle. This is kn..

Rexobol, Alpha-Pharma 50 tabs [50mg/1tab]

$86.00 Ex Tax: $86.00


Stanozolol (known as Winstrol) is a man-made steroid. Rexobol is one of the most popular anabolic steroid of all time. Winstrol is one of the oldest anabolic steroid we have in existence and st..

Testocyp, Alpha-Pharma 10 ML [250mg/1ml]

$70.00 Ex Tax: $70.00


Testocyp is an injectable steroid and is oil soluble, that is the longest-estered testosterone existing and slow-acting testosterone. It promotes sex drive, fat loss, helps with gaining and maintain..

Testorapid, Alpha-Pharma 10 ML [100mg/1ml]

$55.00 Ex Tax: $55.00


Testosterone propionate is an oil-based injectable testosterone compound and it is a single ester testosterone compound, that is used widely in bodybuilding. Being the basic steroid this drug is ver..

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